What comes down must go back up....

....and there is no time like after a repaint to take a look - with fresh eyes - at your art collection.  Even if you don't feel like all that stuff hanging on your walls is Art with a Capital A, if you love it, it deserves to be hung with care.

I help clients with:
Art Placement and Installation
Art Selection/Purchase

If picking up the hammer and picture hooks makes you a bit nervous, give me a call and I'll explain my tried-and-true A-B-C Method and how we can transform your home in a matter of hours!

"It was such a pleasure to meet you and we absolutely love what you did with our home.  You transformed our living room (which felt dead) into a space of function, harmony, beauty and balance.  It's like being in an art gallery!!!"         L.B. - Belchertown, MA