Full Spectrum Paints - Northampton - part 2

This is the second half of a story on a Northampton Bungalow where Ellen Kennon Full Spectrum Paints were used.  You can read the first half of the story here.  In the Spring of 2011, I was called in to assist with color for a whole-house remodel here in town.  My client has spent time writing and teaching in the South of France so she was looking to recreate the feeling of the colors from that part of the world.  

Here is a look at that glorious front door and foyer from the last post which highlighted the first floor, including the owner's cobalt blue Five Star range in a sunny yellow kitchen with French-style terracotta floor tiles.


The front hall, naturally dark due to the limited exposure of the space, was originally painted an off white which did little to highlight the gorgeous millwork.  At the top of the stairs, we see a glimpse of a rather unpleasant brown that my client knew had to go. 

What I know about paint is that no color will ever make a dark room brighter.  Based on that principle, we decided to go with a moody deep blue and make the entry a statement space.  My client says it is the most talked-about color in the house.  Looking upstairs, we get our first glimpse of the large open hallway where my client plans to do a little yoga.    

The desire was to find a color for the upstairs hallway that was both peaceful and a bit invigorating.  Green has that capacity...to be a color of comfort, yet still have the energy one wants and needs.  

Looking toward the front of the house, here is the Before shot of the 
upstairs hall with a view into the study.   Bye bye brown!


Here's the After!  A gorgeous custom green and Ellen Kennon's Slate 
in the study.  What a combo with the original wood floors, 
newly refinished during the renovation.

A couple more shots of the study, 
complete with loads of built in bookcases and an inviting sofa.   


Looking into the master bedroom, we see the previous owner's chocolate brown walls.

After: That glorious green again with a view to Ellen Kennon's H2Ahh!  What a difference!!

      Upstairs Bath Before

After: Ellen Kennon's Aqua provides a kinder way to begin and end the day!  Overall a very serene room, even with the vibrant yellow wall tiles tucked behind the white shower curtain.  And I am in love with those windows!  Aren't you?

Last but not least a guest room done up in Ellen's Buttercup.  
This photo really captures the way the room glows! 

Okay, anyone else feel like sitting for a while after taking in all this beauty?  I'm headed back downstairs and out to the back deck where it looks cool and shady.