Hate Your Tile? Make Paint Your Bully!

My client, having just purchased her "dream home" was feeling stuck choosing a color to paint her tile backsplash.  Yes, you read that correctly!  It is done, it can be done....painting ceramic tile.  For some rooms, it can be a reasonable stop-gap until the budget allows for replacement. 

And yet, do I think this is a good idea?  Not really.  Because the places where we most want a change of color are hard-working places--bathrooms and kitchens--and paint will just start to chip and peel almost immediately given the daily wear and tear.  So, unless you really love Shabby Chic, which my client does not, I lovingly ask you to please step away from the paint for tile idea.

So, here's what we were dealing with....tile (that really looks more like bathroom tile) was left in place, cabinets--very nice cabinets that my client really loves--installed right on top of it, by the previous owner.  (Seriously people??)

You can clearly see that the color statement being made here is YELLOW.

So, what to do?  Of course, I felt I had to offer a little Tough (Paint) Love and strongly suggest that we not choose a color for the tile, but rather select a stronger color for the walls as a way to suppress the tile color.  

In other words...Make Paint Your Bully!  

I also wanted to really bring out the cabinets and nothing does more for wood than warm greens in my experience.

Suddenly, with some Benjamin Moore Burgess Green CW-485 on the walls, that yellow takes a giant step backward and starts to read a bit more like a neutral ivory.  The black banding, which initially felt harsh against the white, feels more connected to the black granite counters.  


Notice how the color statement is now "Green" and even the leaded glass upper seems more prominent surrounded by flattering color!  


The exciting news is that my client does plan to have a contractor come in and cover the tile with new tile (since blasting it out would basically destroy the kitchen).  He'll also add wainscoting to the rest of the room, as well as the breakfast room next door.  But she loves that Burgess Green so much, it will be staying on after the remodeling is complete!  We'll be choosing a warmer white for the tile and wainscoting paint to flatter the warm tones in the cabinets and counters.