For most of us, building a new home, or remodeling an existing home, is one of the biggest endeavors and most costly investments we will ever make. There will literally be thousands of decisions to be made. Your builder and contractors will be there to help you answer the technical questions, but you’ll often be left on your own to make the design decisions.

Are you:
Feeling pressure from your builder to submit your design selections?
Overwhelmed by the number of choices out there, and unsure how to narrow them down?
Sure of what you like, but not at all clear about whether it all goes together?
Wishing you had a roadmap, or a guide, to show you the way?

You’d never want to decide how and where to rough in a shower valve without professional input. You don’t have to figure out what that shower should look like without expert advice. It’s true…the internal workings of your construction are incredibly important, but it’s the finishes you’ll be looking at for years to come. Too often, those finish selections come at a time when decision fatigue has already set in, and suddenly you feel overwhelmed…or disappointed because you’d hoped that picking your materials was going to be fun.

This process should be the fulfillment of a dream! It doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

Perhaps all you need is an extra set of eyes on your design plans, someone to confirm you’re on the right track and maybe make a couple of careful adjustments. Or maybe you need help navigating the vast number of ________ choices (fill in the blank: tile, flooring, cabinet color, faucet finish, paint color, countertops, carpet, door hardware, etc.). Or you wish you had a design vision in place, to help you navigate, so you know all your choices will come together beautifully.

Whether you need a lot of help or a little, you don’t have to go through this alone.

With decades of experience and dozens of construction and remodeling projects—large and small—under my belt, I can help make the process fun and exciting again. And, you’ll probably start sleeping better too, knowing that you are headed down the right path, making design decisions that will have just the look you were after when the whole idea began.


Let’s get started with an email. Tell me about your project. Let me know what’s not working and how you wish the process could be better. Together, we can figure out whether I am the right design professional for you.


“Amy has been a lifesaver on our house renovation. I'm not confident we would have ever been able to finish without her and certainly no where near as efficiently and beautifully! Before hiring Amy, architects and contractors had specified generic items for the project that would have "worked" but felt bland and generic. I was passionate about this project deserving more thoughtful selections, but no matter the amount of time I spent trying to piece selections together myself I couldn't get my vision to translate. I had never worked with a designer before and certainly not a color consultant, but I nervously called Amy and left her a message explaining a bit of my predicament. I quickly received a call back and after just that initial call alone I felt so much stress melt away as I realized I was on the phone with someone who understood what my goals were, why I was struggling, and how she could help. Each and every meeting after that has been similar. She's made every decision easier and the outcome better.”
J.M. Westhampton, MA