No matter where you live, my highly personalized Color & Design Consulting is available virtually. You send me photos, we'll schedule a phone meeting to discuss the look and feel you want for your home and the process begins!

We'll consider your architecture, your existing furnishings and items you may be planning to buy. If you need help with exterior colors, we will consider fixed materials like brick or roofing, your landscaping and the surrounding neighborhood.  I will then create a color scheme specifically for you and have giant sample chips sent out for your review. 

Many color consultants charge a flat fee, and deliver a "final" set of colors. My approach is more collaborative. Once I have made an initial color selection, we will discuss and tweak the colors (if needed) so that your color scheme will be just right for you. 

Color is very personal and I promise you personalized service!  


Here's what my Virtual Color Consulting clients have to say....

"I was concerned about doing this long distance - paint colors are so difficult to discern through computers - but Amy was able to do this, working off photos I'd take of sample doors of our kitchen and bath cabinets, counter materials and tiles we had chosen next to specific paint samples for reference. Bouncing ideas around with her on the phone and through emails was fun and helpful and the end result is so much more cohesive than the direction I was heading on my own."   - Houzz, North Carolina


"Amy is such a pleasure to work with. She knew exactly what to say to a crazy woman in the middle of a major renovation! Her process is perfect for me. She sent enough samples to have choice, but not to be overwhelmed. I wouldn’t have selected any of them on my own, yet they all worked!"  - G. Riddle, Minnesota

"Amy solved my color problems for me. She sent a packet of color samples for me to consider, and it was obvious she had really listened to what my concerns were for these rooms. She walked me through the whole process, and we couldn't be happier. She was prompt, professional, and caring. Plus, she's really good at what she does! I just wish I'd known about her earlier." - Houzz, Ohio


“Amy listened to me and understood everything I said. She is so friendly, professional and approachable, honest and straightforward; it feels like you’ve known her for years! We talked about materials, designers, colors, aspirations, experiences, and favorite memories from travel. Based on these conversations and my idea board pictures, she was able to put together a beautiful palette of colors. It took a little tweaking to get it completely right, it was a delightful process and I greatly enjoyed being an active participant, not just a recipient of her awesome expert advice.” - Houzz, Boston

“Amy became my advisor when I was stuck between choices on paint vs stain selections for cabinetry and other millwork including our hardwood floor. She was my tie-breaker on interior design choices on granite, fixtures, and ceiling treatments. After all, everything (not just walls) has a color and she was able to blend everything in the room so beautifully.

I have to admit that there were some color choices that I was really hesitant about because they fell outside my comfort zone of mid-tone beiges, taupes, and grays, but Amy said "trust me"... And now that the colors are up on the walls, Amy was totally right and spot on, and I wonder why I doubted her in the first place. I walk into each room now, and say "Wow, yippee! I love this color!" Even my husband who is insanely picky said Amy did an awesome job for us. 

What I loved best about working with Amy is her laid back conversation style. It really was like talking to a friend who has your best interests at heart. Majority of our correspondence was periodic phone appointments every few weeks, and Amy always had an agenda for our phone meetings. Amy would mail me large full- or half-page color chips (something you can't easily get from paint stores which usually only offer those dinky color strips to walk-in consumers) before and after our phone meetings. She is so awesome to work with and has brought our home to a whole new level.”  - Houzz, Ohio

The photos above are from dozens of actual Virtual Color Consulting projects across the country.  

I have helped clients from California, Montana, Colorado, Maryland, Indiana, Oklahoma, New York, Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, Connecticut, Minnesota, New Jersey, Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, Vermont, and Texas, as well as dozens of clients from the Boston metro area who have chosen to work with me virtually because it is so cost effective.   

There is also more information on Virtual Color Consulting on my FAQ page.