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Amy and Sarah Woolf Architectural Paint Color Consultants

The human eye is capable of distinguishing between 7 to 8 million colors.


Your local paint store offers several thousand colors to choose from.


The internet has billions of inspiration images, almost everywhere you look.


No wonder you’re struggling! You are not alone…

We all know how the colors we love make us feel. When we surround ourselves with color that feels just right, it shifts our lives for the better. We are probably healthier, certainly happier, and generally more productive when our surroundings feel like the right fit with who we are and how we live.

Whether you’re looking to refresh your bedroom, building your dream home from scratch, or crafting a welcoming space for clientele, there's no better return on investment than surrounding yourself with colors that make you feel at home, in love with your space, and supported in everything you do.

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