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Amy Woolf

Amy brings nearly two decades as an award-winning architectural color consultant and interior designer to the field of residential design and renovation. She began her training in 2006 with Frank Mahnke, author of Color, Environment, and Human Response, and the founder of the International Association of Color Consultants in North America. The primary tenet of her work considers both the psychological and physiological impact of color on one’s experience of the built environment, be it home or workplace, interior or exterior. 

amy sarah woolf architectural color consulting paint colors interior exterior virtual

Amy serves as a guide in the building and renovation process, helping clients create a vision for their project and then facilitating decisions that support that vision. Through continuing education, traveling to trade shows in the US and Europe, and participating in trend forecasting with Color Marketing Group, she keeps an eye on the trends while maintaining focus on classic, timeless style. She is a strong believer in “feeding the eye” and is constantly  out in the world seeing what’s new, noticing how people want to live and design their homes, and of course tracking the color trends.


But the most important part of her resume is the people and the projects. She’s helped many hundreds of clients select joyous and functional colors and materials for their space, locally and across the country. She brings understanding and curiosity to the questions of how humans process complex decisions and how we thrive in our spaces.

To learn more about Amy's work in CMF and education, click here.

About Sarah
amy sarah woolf architectural color consulting paint colors interior exterior virtual

Sarah Corbyn Woolf

Sarah helps pick paint colors for health and home by supporting clients as they identify and articulate their preferences, using creative collaboration to seek both function and inspiration. She trained in color theory with Alicia Keshishian, Berit Bergström, and Jeannette Hanenburg, and in 2023 attended her first Inter-Society Color Council conference as well as the Science in Design Summit, both of which laid the foundation for her interdisciplinary, neuroaesthetic-informed approach.

Growing up in an Amy Woolf household, Sarah was the only kid in her school who could explain a full spectrum house paint. This translated to an easily traced curiosity about color and design, from a science fair project replicating Newton’s experimentation with prisms, to later training in theater production, including costume and lighting design. After years of administrative support, she stepped into color consulting as Amy’s junior partner in 2022.

"Sarah was knowledgeable about paint colors and led us though a very thorough process of color selection. She took the lead and at the same time was very collaborative and considerate of our preferences. We ended up with colors that are perfect for us and our new home and we highly recommend using her services!"

LH - Amherst, MA

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