My story...the short version...

As an Architectural Color Consultant, I've helped hundreds of homeowners select the perfect colors for their homes, both inside and out. I've won a national award for kitchen design and been featured on TV and in newspapers here in the Valley, as well as national publications.  I won first or second place for Interior Design for three years in the Valley Advocate Readers' Poll and have been honored with the Houzz Best of 2014 - 2019 for Customer Service.

I work with commercial clients on everything from restaurants and office buildings to branding color for websites, print materials and logos.  Well chosen color can support a business's message with split-second impact....even faster than text or images.  I help businesses make the most of the power of color in every way they present themselves to the marketplace.    

I also help clients across the country with Virtual Color and Design Consultations.  From Denver to Baltimore, Sarasota to Vermont....even if you don't live in Western Massachusetts, we can still work together.  Whether you need help picking a paint color, or have a total redecorating project going on, I can help you with projects large and small via telephone, Skype and email, using tools such as Pinterest and Houzz.  (For more information on Virtual Consulting, see my FAQ.)

Some of my larger projects include exterior color for Pathways, a 24-family co-housing community in Florence, MA and Virtual interior color for a 9000 sq. ft. total renovation in Ohio.


Here's the long version....for you curious types!

I was born into a family of artists, antique traders and entrepreneurs. In the middle of a seemingly idyllic childhood, my parents decided to set up different households and I proceeded to help each of them furnish apartments while still a teenager. I found furniture, rugs, and window treatments, picked colors, decided on layouts, etc. I had been rearranging my own bedroom on a regular basis since I was about 9, so I was well-prepared for these early assignments. 

In college, I studied psychology and philosophy -- people and ideas still fascinate me -- but eventually received a degree in Economics (this becomes important later in the story!) graduating at the top of my class. I went on to work in the electronics industry, but making beautiful things, and things beautiful, has always been my greatest pleasure - gardening, decorating, cooking and creating all kinds of artsy stuff in my studio.

My deep fascination with architectural color began in 2002 when I bought two homes, one tiny one near family in Western Massachusetts, and a large but modest 1970 ranch in Sarasota, Florida. I renovated both places over the next few years (the tiny one from far away, with nothing but photos!) and learned a tremendous amount about renovating, building…and more than I'd like to know about plumbing. (Don't ask...)

Though I knew an awful lot about color already and how important it was, I'd hoped to find someone to help me make sense of all the color decisions I needed to make. I never did find that person, but I did discover the International Association of Color Consultants and decided to begin my formal training -- learning about color, culture, neurology and the structure of the human eye. 

I also found a community of peers, a group of people as obsessed with color as I am, working with color every day. Constant communication with my fellow IACC-NA members, keeps me in touch with the world of color and how to deliver it with the highest standards to all of my clients.   

My studies with the IACC really made my left-brain happy! Based on the human response to color -- both psychological and physiological -- it's not about what's pretty or what's in style, though data points like those do need to be considered as part of the overall equation. My training is science-based, and yes I do read all the decorating magazines to stay on top of what's new, but the science of color remains the foundation of my work!

What fascinates me to this day (and confounds so many people) is that a room is like an Economic system. (See, I told you we'd be discussing Economics again!) You have all these elements in your room, working together, sharing space, and when one of them shifts (like you buy a new sofa) everything around it shifts. Just like the study of Economics, being able to predict how colors will work together (or not) -- how one change will create a cascade of changes -- is one of the things I do best. And once my clients begin to see how it works, their predictive understanding begins to grow as well.

You see, one of my fundamental beliefs is that you deserve to know why. We'll spend a lot of time talking at first, about you, your family, your life and how you want your spaces to function, how you want them to feel and how you want them to express who you are. Then, when we get to the colors, I'll always tell you why. There is rarely a "shazam" moment where I just channel some fabulous color. (Though it does sometimes happen!) Instead it is a process of analyzing the space, your needs and your personal style (not mine!)

When you look at my portfolio you will see a wide range of decorating styles and color schemes. My goal is to fit my knowledge and experience into your aesthetic, not the other way around. Whether you're looking for the ideal white, perfectly harmonious neutrals or a gorgeous blend of fabulous saturated color, I'll get you there….and believe me, we'll have fun in the process!  The end result will be rooms that feel great -- a home to love and a home that loves you back with beautiful, supportive color.