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Amy Woolf

In 2005, I found myself renovating a large but modest 1970 ranch house. I'd hoped to find someone to help me make sense of all the color and design decisions I needed to make. No one showed up. So I started the research and the decision making myself, learning a tremendous amount about color, design, renovation…and more than I'd like to know about plumbing (don't ask…).


The kitchen was awarded a national prize for my design. 

I went from needing a color consultant, to becoming one, to winning a prize for it.

amy sarah woolf architectural color consulting paint colors interior exterior virtual

I’ve been a sponge for knowledge my whole life, having studied psychology and philosophy, and holding a degree in Economics. After having such a rewarding experience with the renovation, I dove into color training with the International Association of Color Consultants and officially started Amy Woolf Color Consulting that following year.

And it turns out the learning never stops. In 2018, I attended my first Color Marketing Group International Summit and began to learn more about color forecasting and trend analysis & application. I now participate annually in their events and serve on their Mentoring Committee. That same year, I attended the Munsell Centennial Color Conference hosted by the Inter-Society Color Council. The following year, I was invited to serve on their board and have been doing so ever since. In 2019, I travelled to Bainbridge, WA to study with Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Institute. Through that training, I have focused my expertise on color for product design and color for manufacturers of products for the home environment, both interior and exterior.

Some of my favorite training takes a less structured form: I regularly attend markets and trade shows, including ICFF, High Point Market, Maison & Objet, and Paris Déco Off. I am a strong believer in “feeding the eye” and do my best to be out in the world as much as possible, seeing what’s new, noticing how people want to live and design their homes, and of course tracking the color trends.

But the most important part of my resume is the people and the projects. I've helped hundreds of clients select the perfect colors for their space, locally and across the country, residential and commercial, inside and out. I learn something everyday, whether it is about humans and how they make decisions and thrive in their spaces, or some refinement of understanding about the building process. I bring my curiosity, training, knowledge, and experience in the world of design to every home, every project, and every person I have the honor of working with.  

About Sarah
amy sarah woolf architectural color consulting paint colors interior exterior virtual

Sarah Corbyn Woolf
Junior Partner

Sarah has worked in the color consulting world since 2016, stepping into the creative side of things in 2022. She has trained in color theory with Alicia Keshishian and attended the Science in Design Summit, which laid a foundation for a neuroaesthetic-informed approach. She firmly believes in the power of color to create a sense of Home. With a focus on smaller-scale projects, her superpower is helping you discover and articulate your own preferences, using collaboration and curiosity to find what inspires, supports, and comforts you, and incorporating new ideas into existing design.

"Sarah was knowledgeable about paint colors and led us though a very thorough process of color selection. She took the lead and at the same time was very collaborative and considerate of our preferences. We ended up with colors that are perfect for us and our new home and we highly recommend using her services!"

LH - Amherst, MA

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