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Amy brings nearly two decades as an architectural color consultant and interior designer to the field of product design and development. She combines on-the-ground experience with decision makers and an acute awareness of color trends in the home design industry to create individualized color strategies that embrace the changing needs of the marketplace while maintaining long-term relevance. 

With a degree in economics and early career in sales & marketing and manufacturing, she is as agile with the data as she is with the color wheel and maintains a sensitivity to the needs of those working on the factory floor. From the smallest home renovation to multi-million dollar manufacturing lines, Amy assures that the right colors are not only beautiful but also functional.  

Amy began her training in 2006 with Frank Mahnke, author of Color, Environment, and Human Response, and the founder of the International Association of Color Consultants in North America. She later studied color for product development with Leatrice Eiseman, director of the Pantone Institute. In 2018, Amy began her involvement with Color Marketing Group, participating in their annual color forecasting process and attending international summits. 


Since 2018, she has been an active member of the Inter-Society Color Council, serving two terms on the board as a Director and now Secretary. The ISCC is a cross-disciplinary organization of color professionals that seeks a broad view of color across industries, from design and architecture to art to color science. Her participation has lead to a multitude of educational opportunities resulting in a deeper understanding of color science and industrial application. 

In addition to developing color programs for manufacturing, Amy offers in-house training for your creative team, your sales staff and your customers. Color is the number one factor in purchasing decisions and a deeper understanding of color can build trust with your customers, both retail and B2B. 

Trend forecasts do not have to feel mysterious or frustrating. Amy can help you shift from react to adapt. She’ll guide you through CMF forecasts, analyzing and translating them into usable, actionable information that will help you understand trend cycles, including refining your marketing collateral that presents your existing product range with a fresher, more trend-sensitive look. 

"Amy is magic: science plus creative genius plus passion plus kindness. She has a rare talent for asking wise questions, orienting to the situation, collating a vast amount of data in nanoseconds, and pulling out colors that click beautifully."

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Amy Woolf Color & Design

Northampton, MA

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