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  • Why should I hire a Color Consultant?
    Color is one of the quickest ways to our hearts and minds. A colorful environment can help us feel peaceful, energized, or happy, but it just as easily can make us feel stressed, overwhelmed, or sad. We think the highest price one can pay is having to live with a color mistake, day in day out, for years. But if you’ve ever made a mistake choosing a color, you know the financial pain of having to repaint, either paying a painter for a do-over, or doing it yourself. Even if paint hasn't hit the walls yet, the cost of those sample pots can add up fast and it doesn’t necessarily get you any closer to color you’ll love. Investing in professional color advice will likely save you money and certainly save you pain and frustration. We'll help you unravel your personal relationship to color and what you need from each space, and create a color plan that’s unique to you in a process that is often fast, usually fun, and always fascinating.
  • When should I call you?
    Now! Our lead times for new clients are very inconsistent due to the nature of this industry, so if you are thinking about painting in the next few months, get in touch. Once you are an established client, we'll have a better shot of squeezing you in on shorter notice if needed. If you are building or remodeling, we strongly suggest starting our work together well before you begin to make the big, expensive decisions on things like cabinets, counters and flooring. We have never worked on a build or remodel where we didn't save a client from some expensive misstep -- the wrong kitchen counters, a mistake in the architectural plans, incorrect lighting placement. Contractors are human too, and you deserve a second set of experienced eyes on your plans. Ready to go? Click here!
  • What if I don't live in New England?
    We offer Virtual Color & Design Consulting to clients across the county. Both Amy and Sarah have helped create successful color plans for both interiors and exteriors for clients from coast to coast. We don’t get the instant gratification of face-to-face, but you still get a color scheme that works for you, without any confusion or mistakes.
  • How can a Virtual Consultation be successful?
    The best outcomes for Virtual Consults happen when the client is actively involved in the design process. Our skills involve helping you refine your vision and getting you where you need to be with color. Good color is partly the result of having a good eye, but listening skills play an equally important role. It may take a few conversations and a couple sets of sample colors to review, but with your enthusiastic participation we can quickly zero in on a color scheme that will make your home look and feel exactly like you want it to. We'll ask you for photos of your home, a set of inspiration photos noting likes and dislikes, fabric swatches if you have them and a floor plan. We’ll talk through your design goals by phone for an hour or so, then send you color samples to audition, based on all of the information you have shared. In most cases, we find the right colors on the first pass, but we're always happy to refine a color once you’ve seen it in person.
  • How does an on-site Color Consultation work?
    We will meet in your home and choose colors together, based on the things you already own - your furnishings and fixed elements like countertops and floor colors – as well as the architectural style of your home and your lighting, but most importantly the mood & feeling you are looking to create. We bring large color chips with us and as a team, we'll make at least one color selection for each room, sometimes finding a few options to consider. Then, giant sample chips of the colors arrive to you in the mail so that you can “audition” your colors on a larger scale without having to spend any money on sample pots of actual paint. We also send along a written specification for your project so that you'll only need to hand a piece of paper to your contractor, knowing that every color for every room is spelled out clearly. If you'd like further design assistance with things like fabrics or window treatments, we can either schedule another meeting on-site, or we can assist you virtually from the office at an hourly rate.
  • What if my home has not been built yet?
    We regularly work with clients who are building new homes, so we have the skills to read your blueprints and virtually walk you through your new rooms to choose colors and materials. In addition to working with paint colors, many clients ask for help navigating color selections for their kitchens & baths. Every choice you need to make will be better and easier with an eye to color -- from cabinetry to countertops to tile.
  • How long will it take?
    This mainly depends on you and your project. If we’re picking new paint colors for an average sized home, we’ll probably only need a few hours. Most building and remodeling projects, including consultations on kitchen & bath materials, usually come in at 10-20 hours. Large scale projects, where Amy offers design expertise on every detail – paint color, flooring, kitchen & bath materials, plumbing, lighting, window treatments, furniture, floor plans, etc. – can take 20-50 hours, depending on the complexity of the project.

Unanswered questions?
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