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This Is Your Brain On Color: Meet our new color workshop!

Amy woolf Sarah woolf color workshop western ma interior design education

Introducing our first Amy Woolf Color & Design Workshop!


Love color but feel confused about how it actually works?


Wish you could bring more meaning to your color selections?


Does combining colors result in more surprises than successes

Join paint color professionals Amy Woolf & Sarah Woolf for an afternoon of color exploration. Through both conceptual and hands-on learning, we'll do a little myth-busting and help you see and understand color in a way you never have before.


We'll delve into science, history, color theory, human anatomy and perception, and a new model of color psychology, and then directly apply these ideas to design materials like fabric, countertops, tile, and of course paint color.


As always, we focus on the effects of color & design on human experience, empowering you to consider design decisions with an eye for joy and wellbeing. 


Any questions?

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