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One Year In: Sarah Joins the Color Consulting Fun

After many years of supporting AWCD administratively, Sarah joined the creative side as a Junior Partner, training in color theory with Alicia Keshishian in 2022 and taking on her first clients in the earliest days of 2023.


If you know Sarah, you know she fast tracks almost everything she does. In her first year as an architectural color consultant, she’s not only worked with numerous clients, both residential and commercial, but also attended trade shows in Paris, become a member of the Inter-Society Color Council, attending their June 2023 Color Impact conference, as well as the Science in Design summit.


In 2024, she’s looking forward to color training in Belgium with Berit Bergström and Jeannette Hanenburg, continuing her study of neuroaesthetic-informed design practices with Science in Design, plotting a research trip to London in the fall, and of course, working with new and returning clients.

Sarah Amy Woolf architectural color consulting
How It's Going
Sarah Amy Woolf architectural color consulting
How It Started

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